Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 151- It Just Seems To Keep Happening

Aug 30, 2015
East B Hill Rd(1932.3) 0 Miles

Well, here I am, with yet another unplanned zero day. Somehow I keep managing to get myself sucked in. We woke up this morning with the intention of hiking ten miles, but then the reality of the day set in. We were an hour and a half from the trail, breakfast still had to be made, a vacation house still had to be cleaned, and arraignments still had to be made for everyone else's slack pack. It was obvious that we would not get back on the trail until after 12:00. That didn't leave us with enough time to hike the mileage we needed to make. The group decided to take a zero day and start fresh tomorrow. I had mixed emotions about that. I'm tired of staying in town and spending money, but i could probably use another day off for my ankle. I'm ready to start making some miles again. In the last five days we have only gone 40.7 miles. That just seems ludicrous to me. 
Me, 2 Bad Dogs, Cruise Control, Airlock, Pace Car, Cindy, and John

We had a fantastic time with the Sterman's and I'm extremely greatful for the awesome trail magic. After returning Pace Car to the trailhead in Rangley, Cindy and John returned for us. We helped them load up the car and they drove us all the way back to Andover. We went back to, The Little Red Hen diner. They had wifi there, so we sat outside on the patio and used up their bandwidth. Eventually we were all hungry again so we went inside for lunch. After we had once again stuffed our faces, we walked back to the hostel to get a ride to our rustic cabin we had rented for the evening. It was located a few miles outside of town and we had to wait for a little while for them to drive us over there. They own three cabins and a campground on private land. The area surrounding the cabin included a great swimming hole and one of six remaining covered bridges in the state. It was the first covered bridge I've seen this entire trip. 
Covered bridge built in 1867

The cabin was indeed rustic, but it had electricity and running water. Airlock decided to sleep on the porch, so that left Cruise Control and I inside. 2 Bad Dogs slept on the porch of the empty cabin next door. 
Rustic cabin

We all spread out once we arrived. Airlock found a book and went down to the river to read it on the beach. Cruise Control hung her hammock outside and took a nap. Art and Lynn took a nap on the patio. I read a book out front at the picnic table. Eventually everyone came back together and we discussed our dinner plans. The Sterman's sent us away with most of the leftover food so we decided to heat that up. The only thing we were missing was beer and ice cream. The only problem was we were too far from town to walk and nobody had cell service to call for a ride. I decided to try my yogi skills on some of the locals swimming in the river. I met a nice gentleman named, Steve, and struck up a conversation with him. He lived about a mile away and comes down to the river for early evening swims. At the end of our brief conversation he offered me a ride into town for beer and ice cream. I walked back to the cabin to tell the group the good news, dinner would include beer. 

Not only did Steve drive Lynn and I into town, but he paid for the beer and ice cream. I didn't expect that. Thanks, Steve. 

Once we got back to the cabin, I got a nice fire going. I think that's the first fire I've done since Tennessee. We used a cast iron skillet placed in the fire to heat up the burgers, buns, and onions. I felt like we were car camping. It was a very fun evening. 

We talked over our plans for the next few legs of the trip. Unfortunately, we all have different goals. I'm all for busting out some big mileage days and trying to finish in two weeks, everyone else seems to want to go at a more conservative pace. I'm not sure what will happen in the end, but I'm all for HYOH. Whatever happens will happen. 

"you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody" - Chinese Proverb


  1. Sounds like another interesting rest day. Sure you want the miles but that ankle was probably happy for the rest. I imagine it's hard to make decisions to stay together or to split but it's all about that HYOY and your very own journey. The fellowship of your group seems so energized and fun. Glad you got that time with them and make great memories

    Hope your hike today is great 😄

  2. Love the group selfie. It's especially cool for me as I just returned from a section hike through the Whites and had the pleasure of hiking with everyone but Yoda herself. It's great to see them all together. Yoda tell Airlock and Cruise Control that Rockhopper and Zip say hello!

  3. Wow - that looks like a very cool evening, glamping...way to go "Yogi"! Im glad that the ankle got some extra rest. Hope you guys can compromise and stay together to finish! I'm sure you're thinking of that beach vacation though and wanting to get to the finish line! Can you believe you're getting so close?!?

  4. I can imagine you are torn at this point. Finishing with the group would be awesome, but slowing your pace not so much.
    Will be following along to find out! Meantime, nice Yogi skills. Boo boo would be proud.

  5. Yoda yogiin too funny! Glad you got to regroup with Dutch. I'm sure the speed demon in you probably won't let you summit with your current group.....but I'm glad you got some r&r for the ankle!

  6. Yoda being Yogi, interesting! What nice people you have encountered. I love that you saw beaver, but to fast to take a picture. And, the moose that scared you. Maybe you will see again and get pictures. I love that you saw the covered bridge and was stationary for a picture, ha. I didn't expect to hear from you today, so that was good. Don't fret over what to do, it'll work out. Everyone has their HYOH to do, together or apart, it is what it is. I think all your readers were looking forward to the crew finishing together. As I've read, with the trail, you never know. Let's see what you "yogi" next time. LY

  7. Go Yoda Go! Enjoy your days in town, embrace it all! We are cheering for you! :-)

  8. Are you allright Yoda? I am starting to worry about you as I have not seen any new entries since the one of August 30th.
    Since Airlock has new entries it can not be a lack of reception.
    I hope you are fine and just too busy to post. Take care. Groetjes, Anja