Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 159- Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Sept 07, 2015
Moxie Bald Mountain Lean-to(2056.8) to Monson, ME(2074.7) 17.9 Miles

Last night was my second favorite campsite. I hung my hammock right next to the pond. I could hear the water breaking against the shore. Since it was a very pleasant evening I didn't use my rain tarp. I could see the stars through an opening in the trees. The loons and moose were calling out and I could hear the beavers going to work in the forest. It was a pretty magical night. 

I woke up early and it was already warm out. I caught a nice sunrise over the pond before I hit the trail. 
Sunrise over Bald Mountain Pond

It was another easy day of hiking. The terrain was mostly flat, but there was the typical roots, rocks, and mud to trip me up. 
Fall is in the air

I was making great time during the first part of the morning. The only thing that really slowed me down was my first true river ford. I had to stop and take off my shoes and socks before putting on my Luna Sandals. 
West Branch of the Piscataquis River 

The water was only knee deep and it felt good on my sore feet. The rope strung across the river was nice, but it was unnecessary. The water wasn't flowing very fast. Once I made it safely across I lost more time drying off my feet and putting my shoes back on. Luckily the trail stayed well behaved and I was able to cruise for several more miles. Four and a half miles later I had to cross back over the same river, but this time it was the east branch. Once again I had to remove my socks and shoes, but the river was only shin deep and barely moving. 
East Branch of the Piscataquis River

I hustled along at a good pace for the rest of the afternoon and made it into town before two o'clock. I called Shaw's hostel from the trailhead and they came and picked me up. As soon as I arrived at the hostel I was greeted by a bunch of old friends. It seemed like everyone I knew was staying there. Rusty, Zen, Huckleberry Thug, Flick, Laces, Click, Pie, Cheesebeard, Decimal, Doubledown, Uncle D, Turbo, Shortbus, and Blade all greeted me like a long lost friend. It was amazing. We stayed outside drinking beer and catching up all afternoon. Eventually we all migrated inside to watch a Star Wars marathon!!! As my journey comes to an end I will really miss days like this. 

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." 

Eckhart Tolle


  1. Glad you had a good day and the fording of the river went well! Neat that you ran into so many friends including Rusty, whom we met. Hi to him! Keep safe, Yoda and keep on enjoying! And keep the blog going, as someone suggested, beyond your goal and at the beach! What a great experience you've/we've been having! Have a great home stretch!

  2. Sounds like you had to hustle in order to get a spot at Shaw's. Hope you are going to encounter some of those old friends again in the next few days. I remember Rusty when you talked with him on the street in Hanover. Hi to him from me. Also I met Laces briefly in North Woodstock when you Adios, Outro, & Southpaw were charging your phones at the restaurant. Hi to her, also. Several people are posting finish dates on your Day 158 Blog. Will be fun to see who gets closest. Continue to travel well!

  3. Great title for a day of being greeted like a long lost friend. Great quote...a quote that is YOU....(you always seem grateful)

    I am gonna miss your skill at finding & creating apropos titles and quotes.
    Chris Nashville

  4. I agree Chris - quotes, titles AND great photos too. Today's were especially nice...that sunrise is stunning! Sounds like a wonderful way to fall asleep with a lullaby from nature!

  5. You've put August as the date for the last few days. I'm sure the days/weeks/months all run together at this point!

  6. First off, you need a spread sheet to keep up with all the inputs about date & time you make your summit. Do you happen to know anyone that could do that for you.... I really like your "fall in the air" picture. Also, your description of hammock spot. How nice to meet up with fellow hikers before trails end. Some of you will probably run into each other again before the end. Did you do your Yoda imitations during the movies!! Hope to talk to you again when you have cell service. The end is in sight, but your adventure on the Applachian Trail will live on. The General..LY

  7. Your quotation game is definitely on pointe!! And I think the sunrise picture above is the best one you have taken on this entire trip. Just gorgeous!!

  8. Beautiful Pictures as always, Yoda. Glad u met up with so many of ur fellow hikers! I remember that being an awesome feeling (like when we saw you for the first time in 400 miles!) Keep it up, you are awesome!