Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Slideshow Daleville, VA to Harper's Ferry, WV

Daleville, VA to Harper's Ferry, WV. Highlights include The Blue Ridge Parkway, The James River Foot Bridge, Shenandoah National Park, and The Bears Den Hostel.


  1. So much awe inspiring beauty....and then, there's that foot :O

    I love that you can capture the range of emotions with your pics. Good job.
    Watching your slideshows I find myself thinking "I can do the AT!". Then you'll show me, in the next pic, "Maybe I can't" and "Why would I ?!?"
    Got nothin' but respect for those who finish the AT...
    Chris Nashville

  2. Thanks Yoda for the preview to our section hike next year!! Can't wait to eat my way through the Shenandoah's. Every wayside.... Here we come.

  3. It's very enjoyable to revisit more of your Virginia AT experiences. Wonderful views of the amazing natural beauty. Also like seeing you and the great people you met.

  4. It was a blast while it lasted! Yoda Katie, I hope you are finding the job you'll enjoy and that will allow you to be on the PCT. I will check back occasionally hoping for new videos when you find time and for the possibility of info for a future PCT blog.

    Thank you again for the adventure you allowed us to "experience" with you. It was a blast and not kidding, the best AT adventure I ever read. Some icy nasty January day I will probably come visit this blog and return to the hot humid green AT to warm my bones and my soul.

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