AT Gear Chart

Base Pack Weight (BPW)
Weight Before Food and Water
General Gear
ItemSpecific ItemCostWeight(Oz)
BackpackULA Circuit$18539
Sleeping bagKelty Ignite 0 Degree$33056
Sleeping padTherm-a-rest zlite$4010.1
StoveJetboil Zip$8011.1
Fuel CanisterJetboil 100g$67
Water FilterSawyer Squeeze Mini Filter$252
HammockWarbonnet Blackbird DL 1.1$17525.8
Tarp w/ aluminum Y stakesWarbonnet Edge$8514.2
CameraSamsung WB35F$995.8
Camera MountStick Pic$140.4
Stuff Sack (Food)ZPacks Roll Top Blast food bag$281.4
Rock sack w/ CarabinerZPacks Bear bagging kit$70.2
Hanging Rope50' Z-Line Slick Cord$151.4
Stuff Sack (Clothes)Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nylon 9L$150.7
HeadlampPitzel Tikka Plus 2$302.9
Personal Locator BeaconDelorme InReach SE$3006.7
Water BagPlatypus 34 oz (1 Liter)$91.2
Water BagPlatypus 70 oz (2 Liter)$131.3
Water BottleSmart Water Bottle
MP3 PlayerIPod Shuffle 2GB$500.44
HeadphonesApple Earbuds
PhoneApple IPhone 5 32GB$3004
Electronics Sack Dry SackSea to Summit Ultra Sil Nylon 1L$140.7
USB Travel Charger AdapterIClever 4.8A 24W Dual USB Port$132.9
Phone CaseLife Proof$701
Knife Leatherman Style CS$202.4
External Portable BatteryPowerGen 12,000mAh Triple USB$408.7
TrowelQiWiz Titanium Cathole Trowel$290.4
Pack LinerTrash Compactor Bag
Clothing in Pack
Rain JacketNorth Face Pare Hyvent Rain Jacket$1299.4
Rain PantsFrogg Toggs $104.1
Insulating JacketNorth Face Thermoball w/o hood$19910.8
Mosquito Head NetSea to Summit Insect Shield$130.9
VisorGator Logo Sports Visor$151.5
Extra Hiking SocksBalega/Darn Tough$151.75
Extra Hiking Sports BraUnder Armour Sports Bra$253.1
Pajama TopIcebreaker Bodyfit 150$705.5
Pajama BottomUnder Armour Cold Gear Leggings$506.6

Extra Hiking UnderwearExofficio Give in Go$181
GlovesFuji Convertible Glove$252.2
BeanieTrail HeadzGoodbye Girl Ponytail Beanie$251
BuffBuff UV High Buff$201.4
Camp ShoesTeva Flip Flops
SunglassesPolarized Rayban$1890.8
Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, contact case and solution, leukotape, diva cup, sunscreen, deet bug spray, vitamin I, body glide liquified powder 1.6 oz, Dr. Bronners 2 oz, antiseptic towelette, lighter, duct tape, comb

Money SpentWeight(Ounces)





  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I started using a hammock this year and have been using a pad instead of buying an underquilt. How did the hammock and sleeping pad work out? Were you cold at all?

    2. Thanks for taking the time to checkout my gear list. I am working on my gear reviews now.
      The sleeping pad never really worked for me. I stayed miserably cold throughout the Smokies and that was with a zero degree sleeping bag. I only had one or two comfortable nights with the sleeping pad and that was during the summer. I finally switched to an underquilt when I got to Hanover, NH. My only regret was not switching sooner. The underquilt I switched to only weighed a few ounces more than my sleeping pad.
      Everyone is different though. It seems like most of the guys in hammocks using sleeping pads stayed warm enough during the late spring through summer. For winter camping an underquilt seems to be a necessity.
      I hope that answers your question. Please let me know if you have anything else you'd like to know about hammock camping.
      Best wishes,

  2. Hey Katie, very thoughtful list. I've got my gear covered, but am going thru trial and error with food. I'm NOT eating Ramen noodles, but wonder if you have any tips for healthy eating on the trail. Thanks. DCM