Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 49- This Is What It's All About

May 20, 2015
Stealth Campsite(615.5) to Woods Hole Hostel(623.8) 8.3 Miles

Early Morning View From Cliffs

Today was a fantastic nero day!!! We were up and out of camp by 7:00. As you can see from the elevation profile above, we had a bit of a climb to start the morning off. I'm glad we decided not to do it last night. It was hard enough with fresh legs. The best part of the steep uphill was actually being rewarded with a spectacular view. Most of our views lately have been across the interstate or through power lines. 
Another picture from the cliff

The next section of the hike was only remarkable due to its rockiness. I was focused on getting to the hostel early so I didn't mind too much. 

Woods Hole Hostel is located half a mile off-trail, but it has lived up to its legend. It is an 1880's chestnut log cabin that was discovered by Roy and Tillie Wood. The granddaughter, Neville and her husband Michael, continue the legacy, with a focus on sustainable living through beekeeping, organic farming, composting. They also offer free yoga and massage therapy for a small fee. The dinner was commune style with everyone pitching in to help. We ate salads, home baked bread, pizza, and locally made Amish ice cream. It has been quite the experience to stay here. 
Main house and garden
My room for the night. Sharing with Airlock, Outro, and Overdue

There are several long distance trails in America, but what makes the AT special are experiences like this. People say the Appalachian Trail is the "social trail" and the people I meet are what make it so special. 

Tomorrow we will stop in Pearisburg, VA to resupply. I have my summer sleeping bag waiting for me at the post office there. It has been very warm at night lately, but of course as soon as I get the warm weather bag the temperature has gone back to being chilly. Hopefully it will just be the next few nights. We won't stay in Pearisburg very long. Just hitting up the post office, then eating a big lunch, and a small resupply. My best friends sent a care package and I feel like its Christmas Eve, with anticipation to see what all they sent. 

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T. S. Eliot, Poet


  1. Missed last night and checked first thing this morning. Now, it's here and makes my day!!😊 looks like it was neat place to stay. Enjoyed the pictures, as usual.
    We Are already looking at possible places to meet you on trail. We are leaving home June 2 and hope to meet you late on the 3rd.
    Have a good hiking day and keep on smelling the roses or (soaking feet). LY

  2. I was so excited to hear about your stay at Woods Hole Hostel. Seems like an awesome experience. Beautiful photos. The chilly temps should only be temporary. We too are getting cooler for a couple days in North Carolina mountains. Thanks for always making us feel like a part of your journey. Keep hiking!!

  3. That sounds like a really cool hostel. What an experience!