Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 20- Neither Rain, Sleet, Nor Snow

Icewater Spring Shelter(210.3) to Tri-Corner Knob Shelter(222.9) 12.6

Talk about a rough night, temperatures plummeted and we had rain, sleet, and even a little bit of snow. I managed to stay very warm in the hammock until around 4:45. The winds picked up to around 30-40 mph and I got pretty chilled. I woke up around 6:25, but couldn't drag myself out of my warm sleeping bag until 7:25. I was greeted by frost covering my tarp. 
Frost on my tarp

I quickly broke camp and hurried to catch up to HVAC and Lorax who left about 30 minutes before me. It didn't take very long for me to begin to shed layers of clothing. That was the theme of the day, stop and take clothes off, then stop and put clothes back on. The day was sunny, as was forecasted, but the high was 50 and very windy. Even with the frigid temperatures today was majestic. We had big views all day long. HVAC and Lorax hike much slower than me, so I would hike ahead and then take a break and allow them to catch up. On one of our lunch breaks we had a spectacular view. 
Lunchtime break
Snack break
Second Lunch
Random Stop
HVAC and Lorax

Today was either 12.6 mile day or a 20.3 mile day. I could have easily done 20.3, but I would have lost HVAC and Lorax, so I kept my mileage low. It was a very easy hike, with lots of miles along ridgelines. It was easily my favorite day in GSMNP, but all the other days had pretty horrible weather. I plan on exiting the park tomorrow. I am happy to have it behind me. The weather has been lousy and I'm not a fan of the restrictions. I have had some pretty incredible views even with the weather and I can see why so many people love the park. 
Tomorrow will be a 18 mile day, so I'm planning on getting a early start. I'm staying in the shelter tonight so I hope to stay warm and get some sleep. There are 14 of us packed shoulder to shoulder, so a good nights sleep is doubtful. I'll leave you with a few random pictures from today. 
Ice falling from trees
Americans with Disabilites Act gone wrong
Typical Privy
Inside of Shelter
Top Bunk of Shelter

Luke: "Thats's impossible"
Yoda: "And that's why you fail"


  1. Not sure when you wrote and posted this; I think it is describing Tuesday April 21 which means you "survived" the noisy kids Monday night. Good to see pics of HVAC and Lorax; it will be hard for you when you have to leave them behind but maybe you will see them again. That "privy" is gross!

    1. Yes. This was Tuesdays post. Still need to do today's. It's been a long day. Will probably be a short post

  2. Kallie wants to know about how many other hikers you have seen so far on your trip. Riley thinks it's cool that you slept in the top bunk just like she does.

    1. I've seen at least 100 other thru-hikers. I see new people everyday and run into people I haven't seen for days or weeks. It's pretty amazing. Apparently the top bunk is the best because on the bottom bunk the top bunk people step right next to your face to get up to their bunk.