Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 14- My First Real Mountain

May 16, 2016
Idyllwild to Stealth Site(181.3) ~9 Mies

After a few days in town I feel pretty well rested. I had really hoped we would get an earlier start, but unfortunately we didn't start hiking until noon. Most of the group had to wait for the post office to open at 9, so I took the opportunity to watch another episode of Game of Thrones. We got a ride back to where we left off on Saturday. After some very difficult and exhausting miles we made it back onto the official pct. During those grueling miles we gained roughly 5,000' of elevation over 6 miles. This was by far the hardest day I've had on the pct, but I loved every minute of it. The terrain doesn't resemble the desert anymore! 
Waiting for our ride
Outro and the sign say it all
Reminds me of the Guillotine in VA
 An actual forest with some shade

The trail didn't start out extremely steep, but it sure ended that way. We decided to finish up the alternate and we took another alternate so we could summit a peak with a fire tower. The view made it worthwhile. 
View from 10,000' 
Evac taking it all in 

We still had a long way to hike and another mountain to climb. We really wanted to watch the sunset, camp, and watch the sunrise from San Jacinto, but with our late start today there was no way that was going to happen. I struggled to make it to camp before dark. 

We didn't come across water all day and that became a problem once we got into camp. Hawkeye and Warren were kind enough to walk 2 extra miles round trip to bring water to everyone. They were the heroes of the night. Everyone is cowboy camped at about 9,000'. We are looking at a 1,800' climb tomorrow morning. It is pretty cold out right now. I guess I'll find out how warm my sleeping bag keeps me. 
Snow covering part of the trail
View back to the fire tower peak
Spaceman getting warm with his spaceman helmet 

Enjoying the moment 
photo credit: Warren 

"Every great journey, race or adventure encounters obstacles that drive tough choices. Nature, terrain, Murphy and temptation all get a vote. Staying true to your overall goal and character is the surest path to success because if you quit, cut a corner or enable an excuse now, how do you know you'll ever stop?"
- Anthony Fleming 

"Try to make sound decisions that prevent you from getting squished by a car"
- Anthony Fleming


  1. That white stuff on trail looks just like what we put in our drinks here in FL. BRRR that is not what you expect to see in May, or any month in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Chris. This crazy weather is driving me nuts. I can't decide if I want it to be cold or hot. It's like I can't win.

  2. Holy crap, 2 miles for water! All bow to Warren and Hawkeye.

  3. awesome pictures, wow just wow!

  4. I was thinking of setting up some trail magic at Ebbett's Pass. I was wondering what thru hikers would enjoy at a pit stop there. I was thinking of grilling something and wanted to know what would work best for food and drink from a thru hikers perspective? Possibly what sundry items would be helpful? Also wondering when you anticipate going thru Ebbett's Pass?

    1. Hi 2 Cent. I'm not exactly sure where Ebbitts Pass is. I think it's south of Tahoe. I'm not sure when I'll be there yet. Probably mid to late July. Trail magic is a phenomenal thing. We always appreciate it. Hotdogs and hamburgers are good. Gatorade and soda fuels us down the trail. A place to dump our trash makes the day. As far as sundries go, a hand washing station, some hand sanitizer to fill out tiny bottles, and that's all I can think of.