Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 6- The One With Pie

May 08, 2016 
Stealth site(63.6) to Stealth site(80.4) 16.8 miles

Today was another wonderful day. Although I didn't get to talk to my Mom for Mothers Day, I came up with a way to work her into my day. 
My Mom celebrating with a giant glass of beer

It was really cold and windy last night. I woke up at 1:30 because the wind was whipping everyone's tents around. I managed to go back to sleep for a little while. The good news is I stayed really warm last night. That didn't happen very often last year. Airlock and Cherokee would be proud, I haven't slept past 5:30 and I've managed to be on the trail by 6:30 every morning. 
Early morning views

I hiked most of the morning with a woman from Australia. I learned a lot about her country. I really enjoy hiking with international hikers. I always learn something new. We hiked 14 miles before noon. It really warmed up today. For most of the day there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It is the first day I've gotten sunburnt. I have the weirdest tan going. The backs of my hands, tops of my ears, and my face are all 5 shades darker than the rest of my body. 

Today's water sources were a little tricky. I was able to get water 5 miles from my campsite this morning, but unless I hitchhiked 12 miles into town, I would have had to hike 21 miles without water. Reanne and I decided to go into town. We stood on the side of the road during the hottest part of the day for 25 minutes before someone picked us up. It was her first time hitching, so I taught her the Yoda protocol. Get the license plate number and ask if they mind if you take their picture. Explain that you are sending that info to family or a friend. If they have a problem with that don't get in the car. The gentleman who picked us up, Michael, was a really nice and talkative old man. He dropped us off and gave us hugs goodbye.
Michael and Reanne 

The town of Julian is a weekend getaway spot for people of San Diego. It was beyond crowded. I needed to get water, but my main motivation for going was to check out the pie shop, Mom's Pies. I figured if I couldn't talk to my mom today, I would honor her by having a piece of pie at a place called Mom's. It didn't hurt that they have the best pie in California and they give a free piece to thru hikers. It definitely lived up to expectations. 
Happy Mothers Day Mom
Hikers enjoying a free piece of pie

I would have loved to stay in town to take a shower and do laundry, but since I got caught in town the other day because of the storm I decided to hitch back to the trail. I didn't even get a burger or pizza(strange,right?).
I hitched with another Australian, named Ryan. It took us about 30 minutes before someone stopped for us. Once back at the trailhead we had a very big mountain to climb. It had a lot of switchbacks, but the entire climb was very exposed. I planned on hiking for another few hours, but the winds were starting to pick up and I didn't want to be caught on an exposed ridgeline. After an hour I found a nice spot by a dry creek bed that was mostly out of the wind. 
My home for the night
My view during dinner

Tomorrow is going to be a very hot day. I'm hoping to cover 20 miles, so that I'll be setup to get into Warner Springs early on the following day. 

Favorite picture from today 

Oh, the vast, calm, measureless mountain days, inciting at once to work and rest!
- John Muir


  1. The scenery is getting nicer! I do have one complaint though on the hikers enjoying pie picture. I do not actually see any of the said pie. Should have been titled AFTER having enjoyed pit ;)

    1. LOL. Fair enough. I'm still getting into the groove of taking pictures of everything I do throughout the day.I'll try to do better next time :-)

  2. Your Solplex ZPack tent looks awesome. I love my duplex.


  3. Your Solplex ZPack tent looks awesome. I love my duplex.


    1. Hi Weatherman,
      Glad to see that you are following along. So far I love the soloplex. It has really held up well in the wind.

  4. WOW, Up by 5:30, on the trail by 6:30, You didn't move on the AT until coffee was served.
    It's great to read your post, encourages me to go do more. Also the photo's are great!
    Be safe, have a great hike!

    1. On trail at 5:55 this morning. It is just too hot to waste the early morning hours. I hope the AT is treating you well so far. Sorry I can't follow along more, but I look forward to hearing all about it when I finish up this trail.

  5. I have noticed your earlier departure times! Cherokee and I showed you well... ;) And that looks like a very cozy camp site.

  6. Yoda,
    I came across this blog by accident. Your AT blog was still on my list of favorites, and when I clicked on the line below(I thought) your blog came up. I am so happy that you have the opportunity to hike the PCT!
    I will once again follow along...thank you for the blog and amazing pics.
    Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy!
    Hello to "The General".
    Kathy in NH

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I'm glad you found me again, even if it was by accident. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as the AT. How is Jokes doing? The General is in Italy, so you won't see her posting very often for the next few weeks.

  7. Great "Hitching protocol"!!! Stay safe!

  8. Love your camp set up here. So many little nooks like that on the PCT - awesome pie in Julian. I loved that town. Good hiking protocol I say. Scissors crossing to Julian was my first hitch ever. Great view picture!