Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Day 66- Zero in Salida

Tuesday June19, 2018
Salida, CO 0 miles hiked
Total Miles: 1152.8
Elevation: 7,150 feet

Saguache, CO

When I woke up this morning I was still utterly exhausted even though I slept great. I am currently days ahead of my original schedule. I did a little mental math and figured out that since coming back to Colorado I have averaged over 24 miles per day. Discounting my travel days for the flip flop I’ve only had two planned zero days. Therefore I decided to take a zero day. Last night I definitely planned on hiking out today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I had a lot of little things that still needed to get done and I have been putting them on the back burner for awhile now. Turtle was already awake by the time I got up. I told him I was thinking about taking a zero. He didn’t want to influence my decision and told me to let him know when I decided what I wanted to do. I came right back and said that I definitely wanted a zero day. Luckily, he did as well. I was glad I didn’t have to sway his decision. We lounged around in the hotel room until the breakfast place next door opened. You’ll never guess what I had for breakfast.... a breakfast burrito. Shocking, I know. I think I have had a breakfast burrito in every town along this trail. This particular burrito is at the top of my list for favorites. The Rose, in Pagosa Springs might have been slightly better. 

Humongous breakfast burrito with green chilies 

After breakfast we went back to the hotel. I finished last nights blog and took care of a few financial matters that needed my attention. I downloaded some new podcasts and searched for a few new audiobooks. I couldn’t find anything that I really wanted to listen to. I’m open to suggestions for audiobooks, podcasts, and new music. I spent a very long time planning out the next month of trail. I’m meeting my Aunt and Uncle along the trail and also meeting my parents in Wyoming. I seem to spend an obscene amount of time planning my next resupply points. Maybe I should have looked at some of this before starting the trail. 
While Turtle took a nap I made some phone calls and fixed some of my gear. I had holes in my base layers, gaiters, and hiking pants that all needed to be sewed. The day really flew by. I got done all of the important things, but I still didn’t finish everything that I would have liked. 
Eventually Turtle woke up from his nap and we walked one mile to Walmart. I wanted to pick up some more caffeinated Mio to add to my water. The caffeine has really been a huge pick me up in the middle of the day. It was nice to stretch my legs after sitting in the room for most of the day. 

Funny sign on the way to Walmart

Hanging out with an elk

We were just getting ready to walk into Walmart when I heard someone call out my name. I turned around to see Action Jackson smiling at me. AJ and I met on the PCT on Mt. Whitney. We hiked together for a fair amount of miles in N. California. I really enjoyed his company on the PCT and was stoked to see him. He just started the trail last week at the Colorado border. He will hike to Canada and then flip down to the CO/NM border to finish the trail. 

Turtle, AJ, and I went to the local brewery to have a few drinks. We hung out there for a really long time. The three of us have all hiked the PCT and we swapped stories back and forth. We also spent a long time trying to convince Turtle about how awesome the Appalachian Trail is. I’m not sure that we succeeded. I had dinner at the brewery. The food truck outside was serving up Cuban sandwiches. The sandwich was good, but since I’m from Tampa, FL I have very high standards for my Cubans. What I was served would never be considered a Cuban in Florida. Turtle and I decided to offer to let AJ share our room with us and he agreed. We all plan on hiking out together tomorrow morning. 

Me, Action Jackson(AJ), and Turtle

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”
- Peter Marshall


  1. Can't read the sign in you pic on the way to Wal-Mart. Great to talk with you Tuesday. Looking forward to connecting with you. Hoping to find the best breakfast burrito ever; don't worry, it won't be one cooked by me :)

    1. It says, The mattress is calling and I must go

  2. There is always planning, no matter the day. Great you got to see AJ, again. I’m glad you took a zero, too. LU