Saturday, August 11, 2018

Day 118- A True Zero Day

Friday August 10, 2018
Darby, MT 0 Miles hiked

I did not sleep well last night. The a/c was right next to my head and kept clicking off and on all night. At one point I turned it off, but then it was too warm in the room. I finally got up around seven o’clock. Straws and Piñata were working on cooking breakfast. They fixed up eggs, potatoes, veggies, bacon, and fresh fruit. It was a nice treat to have a home cooked meal. While they were cooking breakfast I got my pack ready to go.  Today was going to be really, really hot. This area of Montana is experiencing record breaking highs. The forecast called for 102 degrees as the high. I have received some awesome gifts lately and decided to bestow some trail magic on my friends. I picked up the tab for another night in town. Thanks to the Fosters and Williams for making this possible. 

Sweet room, much appreciated 

Straws, Piñata, Enigma(Who we found in town this morning), and I were really happy to not be hiking in this heat. We had to move to another room, but that was not a problem. All we had to do was move our packs and left over lasagna. We picked up some beer and prepared to spend the rest of the day hanging out in the air conditioned room. After spending a relaxing morning hanging out we went out in search of food. We found ourselves in the local brewery, Bandit Brewing. The only downside was that they did not serve food. We enjoyed a tasty beer before once again heading out for food. 

Dollar bill artwork on the wall

Our contribution, skillfully done by Sour Straws

We had lunch at a place called the Sawmill Saloon. There were old chainsaws hung up on the ceiling. Apparently this town has connections to the logging industry. The food was really good and we had a few more beers. I had a note from my mom and dad that they wanted to buy us lunch or dinner, we opted for beer instead. Thanks for the trail magic mom and dad. 

Waiting for our beer to arrive

It was too hot outside to do anything but return to our room. I was finally able to watch the new Avengers movie, Infinity Wars. After the movie I braved the heat to walk across the street for ice cream. It seems like food was the only motivation I had to leave the room today. The heatwave is supposed to break tomorrow and this next section is supposed to be pretty awesome. I just hoping for less roller coaster type terrain. I’m also looking forward to Sunday and Monday night. The Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak. Supposedly you will see 50-75 meteors per hour. 

“Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.”
- James Lane Allen


  1. Glad you all enjoyed the trail magic afternoon beer where it was cooler. It will be awesome to see the meteor shower. I bet your in room cooked breakfast was awesome. Hope the heat breaks for you by the time you head back out. Safe travels and have good bear thoughts😊

  2. God you are able to enjoy some down time with fellow hikers and ride out the heat.

  3. So glad you got some much deserved down time! When I heard the forecast of record breaking heat I was concerned for you! Envious of the view you’ll have of meteor shower -ENJOY!