Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Day 135- Miserable and Content

Monday August 27, 2018
S. Fork Sun River to Basin Creek(2848.3) 
31 Miles
Total Miles: 2538.5 
Elevation: 5,803 ft

I woke up to the sound of rain striking my tent. That sound would wake me up several more times throughout the night and early morning. I was fully awake at 5:40, but it was still raining. Since none worse was moving yet I stayed in my tent. I was pretty sure the rain had finally stopped when I heard Piñata get up. I figured o should probably start moving as well. We managed to get everything packed up before it began to rain again. The sky looked horrible and it was really cold out. I knew that today wouldn’t be much fun. Z, Straws, Piñata, and I left camp together. Larry Boy stayed behind to finish packing up. Our group decided to stick together today since Z was the only person with a decent map. We started the day off with a riddle. We were so absorbed in the riddle that we missed a turn and walked an extra mile before figuring out that we were heading in the wrong direction. The new rule is no riddles first thing in the morning. 

Dreary day

We were relatively fortunate it with weather today. Yes it was really cold(low 40’s) all day, but it never poured on us. It was more of a Pacific Northwest drizzle. The wet conditions kept us moving at a good clip. A little after noon and we had knocked out fifteen miles. Not too shabby considering the late start and bonus miles. We were heading to a backcountry cabin to eat lunch at. We were just expecting to be able to sit on a porch and get out of the bad weather. To our surprise it was a US Forest Service Ranger cabin and there was a ranger inside. He invited us in. The wood stove was blazing and the cabin was toasty warm. The ranger even poured us steaming hot cups of coffee. It was too good to be true. Ranger Denny was all caught up on his work and decided to take the day off to hangout and stay warm in the cabin. He was a very nice and funny guy. We stayed for over an hour and a half. We were all so warm that nobody wanted to leave. Denny let us look at a map and gave us advice on the upcoming trail. We only had ten or eleven miles remaining before we would get back to the cdt. Our Bob Marshall fire reroute was almost complete. 

Freezing wet stream crossing 


Z, Larry Boy, Sour Straws, and I eating our lunch and sipping hot coffee

Piñata and I agreed that even though the weather was miserable the scenery was beautiful and it was a good day. The clouds, fog, and general misty conditions made everything seem richer in color. Over the last few days the arrival of autumn has been very apparent. 

Fall colors starting to come in on the ground bushes

Z still in good spirits

At least going uphill warms you up 

Another wet crossing completed

So much green 

Lots of fire damage 

Tops of the mountains were getting snow today 

We have seen a lot of bear signs today. We have seen the tracks of a very big animal and lots of bear poop. We will be taking appropriate precautions in camp tonight. Once we got back on the cdt everyone was relieved. Hiking without maps or the Guthook app is very discombobulating. I never know how many miles I’ve done or where I am exactly. Getting back on trail meant I had this info at the touch of a finger. We decided to push a little farther than planned. Every miles today means less tomorrow or the next day. Plus we needed to find a good campspot. We needed something sheltered and in the perfect spot. We found a good spot a little before eight o’clock. I didn’t want to go any further tonight. The sun was setting quickly and the temperature was dropping again. I got set up pretty fast. After cooking and eating I found an acceptable tree to hang my food from. I’ll be happy to get into Glacier NP where they provide bear lockers at the campgrounds. Hopefully that means only two more nights of hanging my food. 

I would also like to announce the annual, When Will Yoda Finish, contest has officially begun. To participate please comment below with the date and time you think I will finish
My remaining mileage is about 160 miles. The winner will receive a small token of my appreciation. Mom, Dad, BFG, and School House Rock are not eligible. 

“There is no success without hardship.”
- Sophocles


  1. I love Ranger Denny! I do not love being excluded from the "When Will Yoda Finish" contest (actually it's ok because I understand why as I may be instrumental in getting you from Denver airport back to complete the Colorado miles and thus I would know the date you would reach Canada)

  2. Ok, but at this point I don’t think my guess would be very good. Even with our GPS coordinates each night the alternates are not easy to figure out. Im so very happy you are still with Z, Straws and Piñata. We saw there was a bear attack in Yellowstone yesterday. Thanks to Ranger for letting you get warm in cabin. LU

  3. This year has been difficult to come up with a guess but my best guess is Sunday September 2nd 11:30am.

  4. Ranger Denny is awesome! I get chilled just reading your blogs though scenery is amazing! Glad you’re still enjoying your hike and have nice folks to share it with. I’m going conservative on the finish guess, not because of any lack of confidence in your hiking abilities. Simply the terrain , weather and possible logistics in GNP. Tuesday Sept. 4 , 3:00 pm. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing your experiences Yoda!

  5. September 3 at 3:00 pm. I’ve followed each past of your Triple Criwn journey and am so excited for you! Happy trails!

  6. I've been following your hikes since the PCT. The adventures you've had are so awesome! For my guess, I'm going to say Saturday, September 1st at around 1:00 pm. :) Happy hiking!

  7. Oh Katie you are almost there!! Again I have loved following your amazing adventures. My guess is Sun Sept 2nd at 2pm.

  8. Hey Yoda - just returned from my trip and still trying to catch up on all of your blogs. I'll guess Sept 3rd at 4pm. It's amazing to see all of the challenges you have overcome and you are still smiling and positive. Carry on girl, you are at the very end and CO will be quick since you will be home. You're amazing!!!

  9. Hooray for almost to Canada! I have high expectations for the Great Yoda...I’m going to predict Sunday at 5:00pm.. Viya con dioss Mighty Yoda!

  10. Well, were pretty far behind in our reading now, so we won’t even guess. You’re probably done by now. Love the ranger!