Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 38- Chez Cherokee

Undesignated Campsite(461) to Damascus, VA(470.2) 9.2 miles

What a fantastic day. I absolutely love going into major trail towns. A true trail town is a town where the trail goes through the center of town. They are major epicenters for hikers. I was able to see many of the hikers I've been around the last few weeks. Airlock and I had a breakfast sandwiches at a gas station and they were delicious. After that she went for lattes at the coffee shop and I waited for Cherokee to join us. Then it was off to an outfitters to pick up packages and look at new shoes. My feet are in such bad shape I couldn't make a decision. I'll get something on Monday after they heal a little more. 
We spent the rest of the afternoon at the coffee shop catching up with other hikers. 
Airlock, Fiddler on the Hoof, Cherokee, and Me

Cherokee's wife, Sharon picked us up at 3:00 to take us back to their house in Fancy Gap, VA. They have a beautiful house on a golf course there. We spent the car ride telling her about our hiking adventures. We had wine and hors d'oevures on their porch and enjoyed the nice weather. Sharon cooked us a great dinner and we were able to relax and enjoy each other's company. A little later in the evening friends if theirs stopped by to say hello. They were excited to hear of our journey and we had a nice visit. Cherokee and Sharon were very nice to invite me to their home and I can never thank them enough. The friendship and camaraderie I've experienced over the last month has been amazing. 
Tonight I'm going to bed well fed, clean, and full of happiness from the friendships I've forged out here. Getting to Virginia is also another milestone. In a few days I'll be hiking the Grayson Highlands. I've really been looking forward to this section and the weather should be great. 
Tennessee/Virginia Border
Airlock's Excitment to finally hit Damascus
My Excitment to finally get to Damascus 
Early Morning Sun As I Left Camp
Fiddler On The Hoof

"Well begun is half done."-Greek Proverb


  1. Glad it's been a good day Katie! Enjoy your weekend! Wonderful that Cherokee and Sharon are so gracious! We appreciate them too!

  2. Tea tree oil for your hotspots!!