Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 145- Getting Stronger Everyday

August 24, 2015
Hogan Rd(1891.6) 0 Miles

This should be my last zero day of the trail. I feel extremely well rested. I've eaten so much town food in the last week that I've probably gained five pounds. Oh well, the rugged Maine mountains will take care of that. I wish I could say that my ankle is 100% ready to go, but it's not. I'd say I'm probably 70% healed. I did a fair amount of walking around town today and on the flat concrete terrain, it held up fairly well. 

The one positive thing about my injury is that it has allowed Airlock to catch up to me. We have been plotting together over the last few days and I'm pleased to announce that the dynamic duo is reunited! 

I left the Twelve Tribes community this morning and returned to Gorham, NH. Airlock was staying there at a hostel called, The Barn. The Twelve Tribes community has been great. They treated me like part of their family and gave me a nice home to recuperate in. I couldn't be more thankful for their kindness and generosity. 
Womens bunkroom 
Jeramiah and I

I made so many new friends while staying with the community. Thru-hikers, Palomino and Rougarou, came to stay last night. Although we only spent a few hours getting to know one another, I feel like I've known them forever. I wish them well on the rest of their hike. 
Rougarou and Palomino 

Jeramiah dropped me off at the PO in Gorham. From there I had a short walk to met up with Airlock. It is extremely fitting that we were reunited at Dunkin Donuts. While I enjoyed second breakfast, we spent over an hour catching up. Once I finished my iced latte, chocolate eclair, and cinnamon roll we walked back to the hostel. She spent a few minutes showing me around before going off to shower and do laundry. 

While Airlock was occupied I sat down with Cruise Control and started planning out the next few days. I'm not much for planning too far ahead. I tend to only look 2-3 days in advance. Other hikers, such as Airlock, Outro, and Cruise Control prefer to plan out weeks at a time. I don't see the point. Within a few days the plan always gets shot to hell. 

Once our chores were taken care of, the three of us set out to find lunch. We ended up at Mr. Pizza, but ironically none of us ordered pizza. After lunch we went to the local coffee shop for lattes, smoothies, trail planning, and wifi. We met up with Moosehead, who had just finished the trail three days ago. Congrats, Moosehead. He was able to give us all kinds of Intel on our remaining three hundred miles. We came up with a very conservative plan for the remainder of the trip, although I think Airlock would disagree with how conservative it is.  

From there it was back to the hostel so Airlock could plan out her resupply. I resupplied several days ago and only needed a few things. While Airlock and Cruise Control headed to Walmart, I sat down and rested my ankle. We have planned out a few easy days to start with. I plan on taking it slow, with several breaks throughout the day to soak my ankle in ice cold streams. 

When Airlock got back from Walmart, we set out for dinner. We went to another pizza place, where we actually ate pizza. We swapped stories and had a very pleasant evening. This zero day went by much faster than yesterday's. 

I'm looking forward to getting back on the trail. I'm just not geared to sit around all day, which is funny because that was my favorite past time before the trail. 

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” – Abraham Lincoln


  1. Good to see the dynamic duo together again. Take care of each other as you continue your journey. And take care of the ankle!

  2. Katie, Glad the ankle is getting better. There have been several people that have broken through the walk boards over the marshy areas along the trail. I know it set you back, but now you and Airlock are reunited for the big finish! Take it slow and hoping the mountains and weather are kind to you along the trail. Steve

  3. I had rather your ankle be 100% before starting out. At least you have low mileage days planned out for next few days. I'm very happy you and Airlock have another chance to hike together. We are getting anxious for the end and you being at beach with us. I think a chair on the beach is calling your name. Be careful. LY

  4. Haven't been able to comment while on the road. Take real good care of that ankle, Katie. Know it was hard to leave your great crew, but happy that you and Airlock are together again too. It was a delight to meet her and Outro, Southpaw, Adios, Rusty, and other friends of yours and to learn more about the great adventure you are all having! When we read your blog, we have more of a mental view of things and an appreciation for how well you do in taking us along with you! Hope the rest of your hike goes well for you and all. Think of you often. Be safe. Godspeed. And best to your fellow hikers! BFG

  5. Glad to hear that you did manage to reconnect with Airlock and had a much better zero day than the day before. With your ankle on 70% (hopefully 90 or more by the time you read this) and low mileage days ahead Airlock might be able to keep up with you :)
    Take care and enjoy the last part of your adventure.

  6. So thankful that the ankle is better and that you reconnected with Airlock! As my mom always said "things always happen for a reason"! Viya con dios!

  7. Praying for healing. Take care and be careful. Keep on trekking, easily. Love

  8. Woohoo on ankle feeling better and best yet getting back together with Airlock!! I am sure she is thrilled to have your company for the finish as well. I think there is something in my eye :D

  9. Nice to see you and Airlock have Reconnected. Funny how that seems to work out often on the trail. Hope to see you both finish together... No pressure from the readers...You still need to HYOH. Glad the ankle is feeling better and your able to continue on. Good luck with your hike :)

  10. Just getting caught back up on your blog. Was sorry to see about your hurt ankle but also excited to see the Dynamic Duo is back together! Hope the ankle continues to improve.

  11. I hope you plan to continue your blog a bit after you're finished with the hike. I'm thinking getting used to the real world again could be a little weird. I'd be interested in hearing how it goes. Of course, a wonderful family vaca at the beach might help. 🍹🌴👍

  12. Sounds like a great zero day catching up and a little more resting the foot. Cheers to a successful return on the trail. Like so many others I am glad you and Airlock have joined forces again.

  13. Glad you are feeling better and that you and AirLock are together!!! GO Yoda GO

  14. I hated to read about your injured ankle but maybe it was meant to be a way of you and Airlock being reunited. Stranger things have happened. Was in Publix the other day and looked at those Dagoba candy bars again and thought of you. You sure have made some memories and experienced a great adventure. It's been awesome to follow along the journey with you. I've been following a couple southbounders hoping to catch them in the area for some trail magic. Also thinking about heading out on the trail for a couple days. It's ironic you mentioned Camo always having something on hand for thru hikers as I was thinking if I do a couple days on the AT that I would bring magic with me to hand out as I go along. Keep on trudging but take care of that ankle especially as you start this last stretch. We're all rooting for you.