Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 103- Goodbye And Thanks For The Memories

July 13, 2015
Telephone Pioneers Shelter(1445.6) to Schaghticoke Mountain Campsite(1463.9) 18.3 Miles

So long New York, hello Connecticut! Today was an awesome day. I slept in until 6:45 and it was glorious. I packed everything up as quick as possible and made as much noise as I could next to loudmouth Brooklyn's tent as I walked by. I had a nice easy 3.5 mile walk to get to my maildrop location. 
I walked past a lot of cool stuff in a short amount of time. 
Dover Oak, the largest oak tree on the AT, estimated to be over 300 years old. 20'4" around
Boardwalk through a jungle of tall grass. Wiped off 10 ticks 
Beautiful boardwalk through the country
Adironack Chair pointing north
NYC Amtrak train stop on the AT

I've been so excited to see the train stop. I think it's pretty cool that you can take a train to the Appalachian Trail. I wonder how many people actually use this stop every year. If I lived in NYC, I would use it all of the time. 
So cool

I arrived at Native Landscapes and Garden Center a few minutes before they opened, but they saw me outside and opened up early for me. I got my maildrop and sat outside in a covered gazebo that was surrounded by flowers and shrubbery. My package was fantastic, it had all of my favorite snack foods, a backpackers dehydrated Pad Thai meal, the return of my puffy jacket, a mosquito head net, an early birthday card from my parents, and my long awaited Sawyer Squeeze water filter. 
My life just became 1,000,000 times easier

I can't believe I waited so long before switching. The regular Sawyer is 5x faster than the Sawyer mini. I'd like to give a shoutout to, Mike from St. Louis, who so kindly gave me the gift card I used to purchase it. Thanks, Mike. You have no idea how much this improves my day. 

After sorting through my box of goodies I walked .6 miles to Tony's deli. I hadn't planned on stopping there, but the lady at the nursery said I had to check it out. I'm glad I did. I ordered the lumberjack breakfast sandwich, a kaiser roll overflowing with ham, sausage, crispy bacon, hash browns, eggs, and cheddar cheese. It was the size of a toddlers head. Even with my appetite I couldn't finish it. 
Sooooo good
Mural on the wall at the deli

I spent way more time at the nursery than I had originally planned on. I didn't get back on the trail until 11. It was nice to have a leisurely morning, but that meant I had serious miles to make in the heat of the day. 

Once I was back on the trail, I had about three miles of walking in and out of the forest cover. I spent spent a good amount of time in meadows and pastures. I was really glad to have my Florida Gator visor back. I have no idea why I sent it home. It was like having a long lost friend by my side again. 
Welcome home friend

My next stop was the Wiley Shelter. I ate a quick snack and collected water. This was the first time I got to use my new filter and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I was on my way in a matter of minutes. If I had used the Sawyer Mini, I might still be filtering water. 

The last few shelters I have camped around or stopped at, all had built in library's. I'm surprised by how many hikers carry books with them. When I have time to read, which is very rare, I use the Kindle app on my phone. 
Hiker's library

After leaving Wiley shelter I hiked a few more easy miles into Conneticut. I was finally out of New York, it was a temporary reprieve, as the trail would briefly reenter NY a few miles later. 
Hello Connecticut

Connecticut is the farthest north I've ever been on the east coast. It is also the tenth state I've been in along my hike. I only have four states left to go. I reentered NY for the hardest part of today's hike, a 1,000 foot climb over Schaghticoke Mountain. I haven't had a climb like this in weeks and it felt good to finally feel like I accomplished something. All of the piddly ups of New York really frustrated me. 
View from Schaghticoke Mountain

Somewhere after this climb I exited New York for the final time. The next 2.5 miles to my campsite seemed to take forever. I was exhausted and the mosquitos were eating me alive. I finally reached the campground a little before seven. I quickly set up camp and filtered a few liters of water. I was too tired to cook dinner, so I settled for pepperoni on a bagel and a bag of Oreos. I spent awhile planning out the next week. I have a few more maildrops arriving and had to figure out where to have then sent. My birthday is one week from Wednesday and I'll finally take a zero day then. I'm aiming for Williamstown, MA, which is over 130 miles away. I can't wait for a zero day!!! 

I'm excited to see what Connecticut has in store for me. It will be another short state. I should finish it in 3 days, then it's on to Massachusetts. 

"There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them." -Ralph Marston


  1. It looks like you had a beautiful day for a walk. I would have been a little concerned to walk on the path through the tall weeds. Glad you just got ticks and not a snake bite. At least the other trail path was not in weeds!
    I'm glad you liked your package today, especially your gator hat. Tried not to send to much and make your backpack to heavy. Will get another to you for your birthday next week. I did send birthday card early in case we didn't get coordinated for another pick up.
    Liked all the pictures of hike today. With the pictures it helps to visualize your experience. You have been very good at posting, thank you.
    Have a good sleep and nice day tomorrow.
    Your quotes always seem to fit your day!! Thanks A. For helping out. Hope all ticks are off you!! LY

  2. Hooray for a great day! Glad to see that Gator visor back on you:) As usual, another great quote!

  3. I sent email. I know you know but please do a thorough tick check daily and if you can let someone check your back do it.

  4. Hi Yoda!! Glad you got the Sawyer Squeeze you have been waiting for. I was wondering if you back flushed the mini often or not. Wonder if that would make any difference on how well it would perform. Was it always slow or did it get that way after extended use. Either way I'm sure the larger Squeeze will make you a happy camper :) Be careful of those ticks, ticks are bad in the NE this year. I guess it has to do with the long winter. Congrats on another state and welcome to Conn.

  5. I hope you really enjoy the New England States. We have lots of family in those states and they are all beautifulšŸ˜

  6. So glad you made through another state. you are really moving along quickly. We enjoyed your pictures and quote today. I hope CT is friendly to you.

  7. Awesome pictures, nice to see the visor again, and that filter looks much easier to drink from than the sawyer mini! Go Yoda Go!