Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 94- Goodbye Pennsylvania, Hello New Jersey

July 4, 2015
Delaware Water Gap(1293.4) to Stealth Camp(1304.2) 10.8 Miles

Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves today. My holiday was very different from how I normally celebrate the fourth. Sleeping on the couch in a hikers hostel common room may not have been the best idea I've ever had. People were up late and hanging out in the common room, so I was up late. It seems like most of the hikers have very small bladders, because there was a steady stream of people getting up to use the bathroom all night long. I had planned to sleep in this morning, but as usual, was up by six. The bakery didn't open until eight so I hung around the hostel. It started raining overnight and didn't look like it would stop any time soon. Around 7:45 most of us headed downtown for breakfast. We were going to eat at the bakery, but then we discovered the diner next door. Clover, M&M, Laces, Click, and I decided that we would rather eat there. The service was slow, but the food was good and the portions were huge. 

Due to the crappy weather, almost everyone was deciding to take a zero day. I almost got sucked into the zero vortex, but I remained steadfast. The rain was supposed to move past by 2:00, so I decided to hang around until then. 
So tired of this cold rain

After breakfast everybody went back to the hostel. We crammed into the common area and watched YouTube videos. Check out Amplexus Halfway Video. A great example of what happens when thru-hikers have too much time on their hands. 
McFly, Gelati, Blade, Forever, Clover, Old Eagle Scout hanging out

I spent most of the morning killing time. I talked to my mom and dad. I went to the outfitters with Old Eagle Scout and Sam I Am. Then we went to the bakery for lunch, they were serving BBQ that was pretty good. On the way back to the hostel I talked to my best friend for awhile. I love being able to call friends and family while I'm in town. It always lifts my spirits. 

Finally at 2:00, the rain ended and the sun came out. I had just about decided to take a zero day. I started walking north around 2:30, I was hoping to get in at least ten miles today so I only have to go eighteen tomorrow. Today's hike was fantastic. As soon as I left town I crossed into New Jersey. I'm so glad to be done with Pennsylvania. I still have twenty miles left of rockiness, but somehow it just doesn't seem as bad in NJ. It's amazing how just by crossing an imaginary line your whole outlook can change. 
State line

The views in PA didn't seem very impressive to me. They weren't very mountainous, just a few hills and a lot of farmland. Don't get me wrong, PA had a certain beauty to it, but I missed my views of the Appalchian mountain range. As soon as I made my first climb in NJ, I got to see the Appalachians. 
Nice view

Shortly after this picture I crossed another milestone, 1,300 miles hiked. Once again I got to make the marker. It wasn't my best effort, but I was in a hurry. 
1,300 done 

I will be done with New Jersey in just a few days. In fact, my next three states will all be done in three to four days a piece. 

I'm really looking forward to town tomorrow. It was hard to skip out on 4th of July fireworks, but I'm happy with my decision to leave the hostel. I can't wait to watch the Americans win the World Cup. The weather is going to be nice for the next two days and New Jersey promises to be nice hiking as well. 

" I've always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you've got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish." -Chuck Norris


  1. Glad you were able to move on into New Jersey! Don't go too fast - remember we want to meet up with you somewhere between Conn. and Vt. in three weeks!

    1. What are the dates you'll be in the area. I've slowed down this week. Looks like I'll be in Vermont for my bday July 22.

  2. Another milestone for you, congratulations. When you make a decision, then usually it was what was right for you. Your desire was to be in town for the soccer match and now that will happen. I'm glad the weather will be good since you have a lot of miles. Enjoy the game, but remember, it's a game!!
    Very proud of your determination to push onward and the trail memories your making. Have nice evening watching game. LY

  3. In case you didn't see, you have question from day 90 and a quote day 91. Mom

  4. Congratulations on reaching New Jersey. It will take Airlock a bit longer to get there. Your mileage is a lot higher than hers, but, the most important thing is to do all this at your own speed. Good luck in the new state.
    Groetjes, Anja

  5. Thanks for passing along our greetings to old Eagle Scout! Your progress is amazing. Gurl you had the patience of Job dealing with the bear-dog owners. I would have went off epically!! Glad the force is sti with ya dawg!! Hey we are planning on sending some drop boxes of goodies to our friends still on the trail, so drop us some info where we can send you one.... My email is us know what your eating this days). Happy trails Yoda dawg!!

  6. Hey sis, just as a warning, the people in NJ aren't any nicer than the yanks in PA lol. PA doesn't have mountains anyway, just foothills and rocks. USA started strong, hope you found a good place to watch the women win!

  7. Big day for Yoda and the U.S.! I'm still amazed at your fast progress.