Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 112- A Birthday Zero

July 22, 2015
Williamstown, MA(1592.6) 0 Miles

Zero days go by way too fast. I still had a few town errands to take care of, so I woke up earlier than I would have liked to so I could get them taken care of. I had a quick breakfast at the motel. The continental breakfast had very few offerings. I had a few pastries and some fresh fruit before heading back to my room. Before I could take care of my town errands I had to open all of my packages that friends and family had sent me. I started with my mom and dad's package. 
3 days worth of food and more vitamin I (Ibupfren 800) 
Thanks Mom and Dad

Next I opened the package from Sodapop and Skittles
2 dinners, ice cream, snacks, hot chocolate, and a "staying over night" kit

Thanks Sodapop and Skittles. It was a perfect care package. 

Pigpen and Cheeto also sent me a package. 
Thanks for the Cheetos and awesome card. I'm totally wearing the musical Yoda bracelet 

My next package blew me away. I've been on the trail for 111 days and haven't shed a single tear, but this had me sobbing like a baby. My best friend, Alie, contacted everyone from back home and asked them to send me something for my birthday. The cards, presents, and personalized notes were absolutely amazing and overwhelming. 
I have the greatest friends ever

The last few weeks on the trail have been pretty difficult for me mentally and this was just the moral boost that I needed. 
Thanks Alie!!!

John, Whitney, Gideon, Lisa, Nate, Jen, Alex K, Lora, Pete, Tiffany, Deb, Alex V, Tommy, Kassie, Cynthia, Michelle, Jay, Maria, Joey, Giada, Adria, Bill, Sarah C, Brandon, Jenny, Chris, Sarah U, Danielle, Brian, Brady, Emerson, Jackie, Kyle, and Alie; thank you so much. Your kind words, personal messages, and quotes were very much appreciated. Each and everyone of you are in my thoughts. Now it's like you're doing this epic journey right along side of me. I love you all and can't wait to see you soon.   

After pulling myself together I decided that I had way too much food for the next leg. I gathered everything together, checked out of the motel, and set off to find the post office to send some food ahead. The post office was two miles away, but it was a beautiful morning so I didn't mind walking on my zero day. Williamstown is a cute small college town and I enjoyed walking down Main Street. Williams college is a small, but prestigious school. 
 College building

I sent my package ahead and wandered around the area for a little bit. I didn't relish the thought of walking back to the motel, but I didn't think I could hitchhike in this area. I didn't have my pack with me so I didn't think anyone would stop and pick me up. I was talking with one of the college kids and they told me about the bus. I've never ridden on a city bus. Now that's one more thing I can cross off of my list. 
Thrilled to not walk 2 miles

The bus driver stopped early to let me off at the Dollar General, I still needed to buy lunches for the trail. After I was done shopping, I went to Subway for lunch. 
Thanks Jay for the subway gift card 

I only needed two more resupply items, but the regular grocery store was a little too far away for me. I ended up at a coop market. Replace the word coop, with expensive. It was a really nice store, but I paid $8 for pepperoni. I'm really hoping it's the best pepperoni I've ever tasted. I also bought a few bottles of beer to enjoy by the pool. 

Room with a view

I stopped by the Howard Johnson to see about an early check in, I was in luck and my room was ready. I spent the next few hours looking over my trail guide and sipping beer by the pool. I talked with my mom and dad for awhile. They bought me an underquilt for my hammock for my birthday and it had just arrived at their house. I can't wait to have it for the Whites. Thanks, Mom, Dad, Aunt Liz, Uncle Tom, Anthony, Lauren, and Parker. Every time I'm not freezing at night I'll have you to thank. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in my room and catching up on Game of Thrones. I can't believe who they killed off this season, crazy!!! 

I went back to, Desperadoes, for dinner. The bartender last night told me I'd get a free birthday dinner, how could I resist. The food was just as good today as last night. 

I went back to the room and watched tv for a few hours before bed. All in all, it was a great zero day/birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings via text, email, Facebook, and on my blog. 

"I intend to live forever. So far, so good."   -Steven Wright


  1. Wow, what a birthday!! That is awesome that Alie collected cards from everyone to send at the same time. I bet when you opened that box you were so thrilled. What a haul in food and care items from trail friends. A city bus, great people at restaurant and hotel. A nice pool to sit by with views, I think you had a wonderful day!! And, I saw birthday wishes from blog flollowers. Dad & I enjoyed our phone conversation with you, too. Liked picture of College building. Safe trails. LY

  2. What's cool is you have loving Family & friends, kind strangers and an awesome hiking vacation in the woods and you KNOW IT and constantly express your gratitude and even embrace the hardest struggles as a part of the great journey. And you share it all with complete strangers you will never meet through this blog. You had a great birthday...yet I feel like I got the gift. Thank you Yoda and Happy Happy birthday

  3. That is a million dollar view! You have so many people back home who love you, I think there is something in my eye :)

  4. We are sooo glad you enjoyed!!! Happy Belated Birhday Yoda!! Just hit us up via email for any "special" request and we'll get em out to ya post haste!!

    1. Okay, I have to did you mail ice cream?

  5. P.s. Let me know how the underquilt works. You know I've been using a pad for my hammock insulation and am ready to upgrade.

  6. Glad you had such an awesome birthday! Go Yoda Go!

  7. Glad we could make you smile!! I cried too when I read some of them. Love you!!!

  8. So glad your birthday was special. You deserved a great day to relax and enjoy yourself, and give your body a break. I'm still puzzled about mailing ice cream.

  9. Well you can no longer call out Airlock for enjoying her off trail stays with us. :-)