Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 91- Nero to Visit PA Family

July 1, 2015
Stealth Camp(1251.1) to Lehigh Gap Trailhead Parking Lot(1257.7) 6.6 Miles

Today was a beautiful day. I woke up to the sound of rain hitting my tarp. I looked at my watch and rolled over to try to go back to sleep, it was only 3 am. The next time I woke up, the birds were singing and it was light out. I was laying in my hammock trying to figure out if it was still raining or just the trees dripping on my tarp. I finally decided that it wasn't raining and was time to get up, it was 6:30. 

I set about breaking down camp, which takes longer and is a pain when everything is wet. I was also taking my time because I didn't have to meet my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces until 10 or 11. I was less than seven miles from our meeting point, but wasn't sure how difficult the terrain would be. I finally left camp around 7:30. 

The terrain started off like it ended yesterday, lots of smaller rocks that only slightly slow me down. 
Not too horrible 

Unfortunately, this didn't last long. I had one sketchy boulder field to traverse. I was in a little too much of a hurry and looked up to see where the blazes went, as I took my eyes off of the rocks, I slipped and fell. I have perfected this, tuck and roll maneuver, so nothing was injured. 

Beautiful sky, demon rocks

Seemingly endless pile of rocks

The good news was, this didn't last long, and I had great trail the rest of the way into town. I walked along a ridgeline that also followed part of the PA Turnpike. The trail went over the Lehigh Valley Tunnel. It was cool to think that I was standing over the tunnel, that I have driven through on previous trips to PA. 

Nice trail following the ridgeline

The rest of my hike was all downhill from here. Before I knew it I was walking along a highway, across a bridge, and along another busy highway. The trail reentered the woods and it was a short uphill climb to the parking lot where my family waited. My nieces, twins age 5, were very excited to see me. The ran over towards me, got about halfway to me, then turned around and ran away. They must off caught a whiff of my hiker stink. I chased them around for a little bit. They had made me drawings and I finally got my hugs and kisses. 

Riley(trail name Red) and Kallie(Boo Boo)

I greeted my sister-in-law, Sharon and brother, Mike as well. Then I settled in for drinks and snacks. Red and Boo Boo were talking a mile per minute. Boo Boo would look at me every few minutes and proclaim, "You stink, Aunt Yoda." Red didn't seem too phased my smell, until she had to sit next to me in the car, where she announced that I would be swimming with her when we got home. 

Due to all of the rain yesterday, we didn't have very many hikers come through for trail magic. It seems most people were smarter than me and didn't attempt Knife Edge in the rain. We only fed three hikers, but they ate more than their fair share. 

2 satisfied hikers heading back to the trail

Red(with her rocks), Yoda, and Boo Boo

We thought we saw a few more hikers coming our way so we waited for them to show up. As we were waiting Red had to pee, so I had the privlage of showing her how to pee in the woods. Such a proud moment for Aunt Yoda. In the end the other hikers never came up the trail. They must have gone to town. We packed up the car and headed to Trevose. We stopped at a rest stop area for a potty break. I got quite a few stares due to my filth and hiker stink. It's rare that I venture so far from the trail. I'm sure these people mistook me for a hobo. Especially when I used the bathroom stink to take a hobo bath. We got back on the road before security was called. 

When we got back to the house Red and Boo Boo wanted me to go swimming with them. It sounded like a good idea, until I realized that I'm an old lady now. The water temperature was way too cold for me. I settled for being attacked by watergun wielding wonder twins. I quickly ran away to the safety of the house. I excused myself to take a long luxurious hot shower and to get my laundry done. 

Dinner was served a short time later, pork roll and cheese sandwiches. Sharon, wanted to make sure I got a little taste of Philly while I was in town. I also tried tasty  cakes and Rita's flavored ice was desert. It was all delicious. I'm a big fan of the pork roll sandwich, I wonder if I can find those along the trail. 

After, Rita's, it was bedtime for the twins. Mike usually reads them my blog before bed, but tonight I got to do it. It was very special being able to share my journey with them firsthand. 
5 million steps with Yoda bedtime story

Once the kids were in bed it was time for the adults to relax. Sharon had work to finish, and Mike and I watched the end of the England vs. Japan soccer game. I was pulling for England, but it looks like the Americans will be playing Japan in the final on Sunday. 

Tomorrow promises to be another action packed day. 

"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity." -Albert Schweitzer


  1. Am guessing you don't have good cell service as your first 8 pics didn't post. The adorable one of you reading to the twins did post! I think you are getting close to the Delaware Water Gap. About 20 years ago Uncle Tom and I were there. We rented a canoe and paddled on the river even landing in New Jersey. That was the first time I was ever in that state. I don't have any pictures of us for you as we were actually a bit north of where the AT crosses the Delaware River. I know you will be happy to leave the "flowers" of PA!

  2. Great Blog tonight. Love the photo of you reading to the Twins:) Dont forget to stop and smell the flowers before you leave PA:)

  3. A nice change for you. I know the girls were excited to see you. Children just say what's on their mind "you stink Aunt Katie." Not like they said anything that you didn't already know!!
    For you to read your blog to them for their nightly story, priceless!!

  4. That's all food that Dave loves! You can actually get pork roll at Publix... Though that doesn't help you on the trail. Glad you got to spend a night with family!

  5. I love that your family all get trail names as they follow your adventure. That's really cool. Love the smiles of the twins with aunt Yoda. Great memories for you and them...oh, quote for you...
    "You never know when you're making a memory." -- Rickie Lee Jones

    I am enjoying your adventure and thank you for sharing. ~Nashville

  6. That sounds like a wonderful day with family! I love the bedtime story part.