Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 64- Just Not Feeling It

July 05, 2016
Vermillion Valley Resort(878.7) to Stealth Site(882.4) 3.7 Miles +1.5 mile side trail

It was bound to happen eventually. I woke up this morning and just didn't feel like hiking. We have really been pushing ourselves lately, both physically and mentally. I really felt like I needed a break, but VVR really wasn't what I was looking for. I really really really didn't want to hike around the lake to get back to the trail. I decided to pay for the ferry to get back to the trail. Unfortunately, the ferry can only hold 4-5 hikers per trip. There were a ton of people that were waiting before me. I reluctantly paid to eat breakfast in the restaurant. For $13.00 I got lukewarm French toast and a coffee. I watched a bunch of my friends hike out. They were doing an unofficial alternate so I didn't go with them. I'll see them in the next town, Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth is only twenty eight miles away and to meet up with my friends I need to take two and a half days to get there. I decided to hang around VVR for most of the day and to hike only ten miles for the day. 
Camp store at VVR

I can't really account for my time during the day. I probably just chatted with all of the hikers hanging around. I started to get antsy around noon and finally packed up my stuff and got in line for the ferry. I ended up waiting until three o'clock for a ride across the lake. It was a fun ride and I wish it had been longer. 
Fifteen minute ferry across Lake Edison

Once I was back in the trail I was dragging butt. I just couldn't get motivated to make miles. The trail up Silver Pass was littered with rock steps, which are my nemesis. I just find them demoralizing. 
Miles of rock steps

I had planned on hiking ten miles up and over the pass, but after two miles I was ready to quit for the day. It took me almost three miles to hike four miles. I kept taking a ton of breaks. 
Large log to walk across
Sweet waterfall 
Beautiful meadow 

I finally decided to give up for the day. There was no sense in just plodding down the trail. I knew that tomorrow was a new day and I could have a new attitude. I found an awesome place to setup camp. After getting camp setup I started to cook dinner. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I managed to set myself on fire. It was a stupid mistake that could have ended very badly, but the worst that happened was I melted a large hole in my hiking pants. I sat on my granite rock and laughed so hard I cried. I am still chuckling about it. It was a fitting ending to the day. Since I didn't make my miles today I'll have to make some up tomorrow. The great thing about thruhiking is the lack of schedule. I have more than enough food for this quick section. As long as I keep walking north I continually accomplish my short term goals! 
Sweet camp site

"There is no good day or bad day, only good or bad actions" Amit Kalantri


  1. Great campsite. Glad you took and shared this awesome site. Sorry to hear about the fire, but maybe time for new pants? Glad you caught up on blog. Was missing your adventures! keep up the hike!

  2. Some days are better than others and tomorrow is another day. Glad you finally had enough cell service call today. The past 3 weeks we've been missing you. LY did look like good camp area for night.

  3. Folks at the VVR were more bane than boon. Sorry for the greed. Time off can be a rehab; take what you need. Your blog is awesome and much appreciated. Keep tearing along and sharing your adventure.

  4. Holy intimidating profile image, Batman! (I even checked to see if it was just because it was a short day, as Guthook sometimes skews things for those kinds of days. But no, it was really just a big uphill).

  5. Some days are diamond - some days are stone 🌄

  6. Hope all your days have some diamonds in them

  7. Sorry about your pants on fire....any lies you wanna confess right now???

    Seriously...glad you were not burned.
    Chris N

  8. Your pictures from your short walk are spectacular. Wonder if you'd seen as much if you were doing a serious hike. Other than being scary, your pants thing was funny. Glad you're okay.

  9. Love your positive attitude and ability to laugh at yourself!! Yay Yoda!!