Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 79- The Promised Land

July 20, 2016
Tentsite(1087) to South Lake Tahoe(1090) 3 Miles

I didn't sleep very well last night. Mainly because I was so excited to get to Tahoe, but also because people came into camp pretty late and started talking loudly right next to where I was cowboy camping. Shimmy, Cupcake, and I decided to sleep in a little so that we wouldn't get to the highway too early. We figured we would have better luck hitching between eight and nine o'clock. I left camp around seven and I made it to the trailhead a little after eight o'clock. There was a list of trail angels who provide rides at the trailhead. We called a few before we managed to secure a ride. 
Slight view of Lake Tahoe
Talus field on the way down to the highway 

We were picked up by the nicest lady ever, Suzanne. I didn't want the ride to end. I was actually hoping that Suzanne might adopt me. She volunteers as a trail angel to help provide rides into and out of S. Lake Tahoe. Some of the trail Angels on the list not only provide rides, but let hikers stay in their house or camp in their yard. Thanks to all of the S. Lake Tahoe trail angels. We really appreciate all that you do to help us hike from Mexico to Canada. 

The first thing I wanted to do in town was get breakfast. We had heard that Bert's Cafe was the place to go so we had Suzanne drop us off there. Bert's was absolutely packed. We had to wait twenty minutes for a table. While we were waiting we looked over the menu. The second that we were seated we were ready to order. I got exactly what I have been dreaming about, a waffle, sausage, eggs over easy, and corn beef hash. Everything was delicious. They make everything from scratch and you could tell the difference. 
Cupcake, Shimmy, and I excited about breakfast
Just barely remembered to take a picture

After breakfast we walked over to the outfitter, Lake of the Sky. They are extremely hiker friendly. The shop is run by locals. It was the owners idea to set up the trail angel list. I really needed a new hip belt for my pack because of the weight I have lost, but because it costs forty dollars I haven't ordered one yet. When I asked the guy at the outfitters if they sold replacement belts he said no, but I'll give you one for free. I was blown away! Now my pack fits more comfortably and I saved a good deal of money. 

Tahoe has a great bus system and for the month of July they are offering free rides. Shimmy, Cupcake, and I caught the next bus to the opposite side of town where The Mellow Mountain Hostel is located. The hostel has a really cool setup. It looks like a normal motel. Each room is comprised of 2 sets of bunk beds. Each bunk has its own power outlet, fan, and nightlight. Each room gets its own bathroom. There were probably twenty four rooms there. They had a common room with a full kitchen, a laundry room, and a computer room. Like I said before, it was a cool setup. I was planning on getting all of my town chores done before going out and doing anything else, but a ton of my friends were already in town. I ended up hanging out with Mailman, Lost and Found, Joules, Canary, Droplet, Glide, Risky Biscuit, Shaka, and Flop. I was just getting ready to head out to get things done when I got a nice surprise, Outro, Evac, and U-Turn had made it into town early. They were across the street eating lunch at Basecamp Pizza. I decided that boring town chores could wait. Lost and Found, Risky, Shaka, Flop, Canary, Droplet, and I went to Basecamp to meet up with Outro, Evac, and U-Turn. It was great to have the gang back together again. Basecamp Pizza is a very hiker friendly establishment. They offer hikers one free personal sized pizza with the purchase of a beer. The pizza was fantastic and the company was great. After lunch the Wolf Pack went to Cold Stone for ice cream. By the time we left Heavenly Village I was stuffed for the first time in a long time. 

Outro, Evac, and U-Turn had reservations at the hostel as well. We ended up getting a room together. While we were waiting to get out laundry started we took advantage of the hostel selling beer and hung out talking with all of the other hiker trash. We all decided to hit up the casinos in town. I was excited to play some blackjack. It has been way too long since I have played in a casino and I love blackjack. We didn't get our laundry started until late. There was a long line ahead of us and there was only one washer and dryer. Nobody wanted to go gamble in stinky clothes or wearing our rain gear. I felt like I was already pushing the boundaries wearing my hiking clothes, but clean hiking clothes are better than a rain jacket and rain coat. By the time we finished our laundry and ate dinner it was after ten o'clock. Everyone was getting pretty sleepy, but I was excited to hit the tables. Unfortunately, the cheapest blackjack table was $10. That was way out of my budget, so I settled for penny slots. I don't really care for slot machines. I think they are boring, but at least I was drinking for free. I ended up losing four dollars, but I had five drinks. I feel like I came out ahead. Plus, I had fun hanging out with my friends. 
Fireworks over the Casino
Great firework display
Evac, Uturn, Outro, Lost and Found, and me at dinner
Sleepy hiker trash 

We stayed out past midnight! I was falling asleep on my feet. I think I ended up staying up until almost two o'clock. So far I'm really enjoying everything that S. Lake Tahoe has to offer. 

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" 
- Dr. Seuss


  1. Glad it was such an awesome day for you to reunite with your buddies and hit the casinos!!

  2. A good start to your birthday vacation. Enjoy!! LY

  3. I am totally impressed you managed to stay up late! For penny slots, no less. ;)