Thursday, July 14, 2016

This is Yoda's dad.  As many of you may know she carries a GPS satellite device that gives us a pre-programed message ("all is well") and her position coordinates everyday. She asked me to give a short update during extended periods of no cell phone coverage.
Since her last update on Monday the 11th - she did 15 miles on Tuesday - 19 miles on Wed. - and 23 miles Thursday.  As of Thursday the 14th she is approximately 100 south of Lake Tahoe.
So I guess the short update is - "All is well"! 


  1. Thanks for the update. Many of us out here in cyberspace follow and share concerns for Yoda's health and well being. A bum wheel has sidelined many a devoted trekker in the past. Glad to know Yoda is still keepin' on.

  2. Great news - all the best to yoda and the wolf pack!

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    1. You are confusing "fitness trackers" (eg. Fitbit) with "backcountry satellite tracking devices" (eg. SPOT). Yoda has the latter, not the former, and she is not committing crimes out there; she is quietly hiking a national scenic trail. :^)

  4. Thanks, Steve. Glad to know she is still able to do her thing. The "bum wheel" thing was worrisome.

  5. Appreciate the update Steve! She's an amazing gal!

  6. Thanks for the update; glad to know that all is well.

  7. Hello everyone. We heard from Yoda tonight and she is doing great. Her knee has not kept her from hiking a lot of miles this week. As long as there isn't a Hugh change in elevation, she is good. She will be in South Lake (Reno) in time for a couple of zeros for her birthday the 22nd, which she is looking forward to. She is a couple of days ahead of Wolf Pack, but they will catch up by her zero days. She is HHOH right now and enjoying it. She will be posting again in a few days when she has cell phone service. Where she is tonight , we spoke with her over a pay phone. Keep in touch because it helps her to know that people are interested. Yoda's mom-the General

  8. Hi Yoda's Mom, I'm Evac's Mom, I'm so glad Yoda's knee isn't slowing her down. I have so enjoyed Yoda's blog. She is such a good writer! Evac is anxious to catch up with Yoda. She finally caught the rest of the pack and is well and strong. Yoda's birthday will be an amazing reunion for the pack! I hope I'm fortunate to meet Yoda and the rest of the pack one day. Thank you for keeping us updated when Yoda is unavailable ��

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  10. Thanks for the update! I was worried but was off the grid since Thursday. Looking forward to catching up, glad to hear the knee is behaving.